Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am back and tagged.


I do believe I have been tagged. I hope I understand how to do this blog game right.
Here goes.

1. I am older than the hills.
2. Married to Tom Stormcrowe
3. Have gone nuts being married to Tom Strowcrowe
4. College graduate.
5. Losing weight. I am now down another 10 pounds. (don't know how I did it. but did)

As you can see in number 5. I am down again. YEY!!!!!!! May this trend continue. Since I have last seen you. Let's see now. I have ridden in the Tour de Cour. More miles than I thought I could do. I have also enrolled in another college to get my next degree. May I succeed. Na, I know I will succeed.

Now for the 5 people to take this one.
Problem is I only know a few.
  1. Big Mike in Oz
  2. Crum
  3. BDinger
  4. Uncle Dan
  5. Jill in Alaska

I guess I know more than I thought. Good for me.

Talk with ya again soon.

Good riding and good times.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hi out there

I have been a little busy lately. Sorry for not being back with ya before now. I am trying to get myself into another school so i can go on and get my bachelor's in accounting. it would help a good deal financially and make me even more qualified in more areas of finance.

well june is now over and we are now off to july. why not. i do not have a lot to talk about at this moment but thought i should tell all what the Crazylady has been up to.

talk more later.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Post time

Hello there everyone, it is the crazy one. i am looking for a few recipes and then i will wow you with a few of mine. i make a mean wheat homemade noodle. they are good. i will even tell you the way now. i am just being crazy at this moment.

take 2 cups of wheat flour and 2 eggs (stir the eggs up first) and put together and then just enough water or milk ( does not matter which) and stir together. Then put some of this wheat flour, make it some extra and then knead for a few times to bring it together. roll out to the thinest you can make them and roll like a jellyroll. cut into 1/2 to the width you would like and unroll and spread them out and let dry. takes a few hours. then make a pot of whatever broth you would like, make it good and hot. then put the noodles in. serve with anything you would like.

guess what it is a carb source for recovery from riding also. just a hint there.

that above is one of me recipes. i hope it is a likable one. now it is your turn. one of your favorites. i love to try anything that is not fish. can not deal with the stuff. i admit to it. i am sorry there

well i am a writing a book here. talk with all of ya again soon.

i just about forget. i have lost 2 more pounds. do not ask me how i did it but i did. isn't that great.

the one and hopefully the only


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

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Hello out there. I am starting this to see if talking or should say typing will help me to lose the rest of this weight I am carrying around. I am no where near the point of when I started to want this weight off. I was at the 435 lb. spot. It took a feeding tube in me called a peg. This is when I started to lose the weight. I ended up at that time losing 274 lbs. guess what i have gained part of that back. i have took up riding a bike. one problem there. i have a husband that thinks i need to be at the level of riding he is and i am definitely not. any ideas out there to get his mind to realize that i am not there yet. he has 2 years on me. help with some ideas there. i will love all ways and i would truly appreciate all the help given.

before i do forget. i am down to 235 lbs. yes, i have gained some of that weight back. but now i want it off, i can not keep up with tom anymore.

my friends, see what all of us can come up with. recipes, exercise, big bike rides that now take me all day to do. anything. i honestly do not care what.

thank you for all the ways